Empowering Influencers, Transforming E-commerce: A Tree3 Client Story

In the bustling world of e-commerce, Tree3 is an innovative platform, revolutionizing the way consumers shop and influencers engage with their followers. We are the technology partner that brought this vision to life, responsible for crafting the platform’s multifaceted functionalities.

Trusted Experts

“In our search process for the right expertise for our unique product – which depended on the successful implementation of a patented RPA technology to support a customer-facing front-end application – we sought advice from trusted sources across Silicon Valley. Due to the complexity of our business model and technical requirements, options were few, but Eike was consistently included on recommendation lists. Eike did not disappoint. The team at Eike Consulting is highly experienced with a technical expertise that is second-to-none.” – Craig Peus, CEO

Seamless Integration: Influencer-Centric Approach

For Tree3, we have brought forth a shift in the e-commerce landscape, seamlessly integrating influencer marketing with cutting-edge technology. By leveraging influencers, Tree3 transforms shopping into an experience where consumers naturally spend their time.

Effortless Storefront Creation: Empowering Influencers

One of Tree3’s hallmark features is its storefront creation tool, empowering influencers to curate personalized shopping experiences for their followers effortlessly. In mere minutes, influencers can launch storefronts showcasing a curated selection of products from renowned retailers. We made this seamless integration possible through advanced crawling technology, which scours through thousands of products, ready to be added to the storefront with a few clicks.

The Power of Automation: Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

However, the innovation we brought forth for Tree3 doesn’t stop at mere curation. With the implementation of Robotics Process Automation (RPA), the e-commerce process is transformed. Tree3’s RPA robots are deployed within the storefronts, automating the checkout process with unparalleled efficiency. This not only enhances the shopping experience but also ensures ease and secure transactions for consumers.

Inclusive Shopping Experience: Catering to Diverse Preferences

The true beauty of Tree3’s platform lies in its inclusivity and social responsibility. Tree3 enables shoppers to access a diverse array of products from popular brands, all within a single, centralized storefront, that can be taken to where shopping happens, where consumers spend time, catering to the diverse preferences of modern consumers.

Social Impact: Supporting Back-to-School Resources for Kids

Yet, beyond reinventing e-commerce, we are proud to be part of the ClearTheList project that used Tree3’s platform to generously support teachers and students, regardless of where the classroom may be located, with essential back-to-school resources worth $1 million, sponsored by Clorox.

Reshaping E-commerce Together

In essence, realizing Tree3’s technological vision has been incredibly rewarding. It’s about empowerment, efficiency, and social impact—reshaping the e-commerce landscape together.

Zeeshan Qasim is a tenured Software Architect with 8 years of experience in building software solutions for clients such as Sony Computer Entertainment America, CaptionColorado, DiagnosisONE (now Alere Analytics) and Merck Pharmaceutical.

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