Beyond Words: Reader Bee’s Journey for Children’s Literacy with Eike Consulting

In the realm of children’s literacy, Reader Bee emerged as a beacon of innovation, and behind its success story lies a partnership with Eike Consulting that paved the path for revolutionary change.

Visionary Venture

It all began with Reader Bee’s visionary approach to literacy, grounded in the belief that children learn best through multisensory experiences. We recognized the potential of this vision, stepped in as the technology partner right from the conception stage. Ann McCormick, the founder of Learning Company and also a key figure at Reader Bee, endorsed Eike Consulting, expressing, “Eike is that rare and precious partner that you simply don’t let go. If you have an idea and don’t know where to start, Eike is the technology partner to go to. They are amazing at taking your ideas and turning them into reality.” Together, we have embarked on a journey of iteration after iteration, bringing to life the award-winning Honeycomb Method.

Innovative Methodology

At the heart of Reader Bee’s methodology lies the principle of immediate response and multisensory learning. By engaging children through hearing, touching, watching, and more, Reader Bee facilitates the development of strong neural connections in young minds. With a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, Reader Bee reduces the barriers to literacy by introducing just seven letters at a time, allowing children to start forming words within minutes.

The Honeycomb Keyboard

Central to Reader Bee’s approach is the innovative Honeycomb keyboard, a creation born out of children’s creativity. Through building their own daisy-typer, children contribute to the formation of the Honeycomb keyboard, optimized to enable them to construct one-third of all text with a single stroke.

Engaging Learning

As children progress in their literacy journey, Reader Bee captivates their imagination with engaging stories, carefully crafted using two proven pedagogical methods: the Story Telling Method and the Progressive Method with Fry and Dolch Words. These methods provide real-life context and a graduated learning curve, fostering confidence and improving retention among young readers.

Recognition and Awards

The impact of our efforts has been profound, earning many recognition from prestigious awards such as Parents’ Choice, Tillywig, Family Choice, and Mom’s Choice. Their accolades speak volumes about the transformative power of Reader Bee in the realm of children’s literacy.

  • Tillywig Award Winner: “Reader Bee’s First Story Maker gives children the ability to communicate in writing even if they are just beginning to learn letters and words. It inspires them to explore and enjoy expressing themselves through written stories while building word skills.”
  • Family Choice Awards: “Reader Bee’s First Story Maker inspires tale-telling and jumpstarts kids’ spelling with the first-ever custom iPad keyboard for children called the Honeycomb Keyboard.”
  • Mom’s Choice Awards: “Reader Bee’s First Story Maker allows children to begin reading by linking sounds, letters, words and stories in a step-by-step process. In this iPad app, stories come to life with magic pictures that transform into words and back again with a tap.

A Journey: Redefining Children’s Literacy

At Eike Consulting, we are proud to have brought this to life with Reader Bee. Together, we continue to redefine the landscape of children’s literacy, empowering young minds to embark on a journey of exploration, expression, and lifelong learning. We have not only created an innovative platform but have also ignited a passion for reading and writing in the hearts of children worldwide.

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