Decade of Innovation: Eike Consulting’s Impact on PlayStation’s Digital Landscape

For over a decade, spanning the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 eras, Eike Consulting significantly influenced Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s (SCEA) digital presence. Operating as an extension of the marketing department, we played a key role in shaping the strategic direction, development, and maintenance of the site—a digital hub with billions of page views and millions of users.

As Steve Williams, the Director of Online and Director Marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America, put it, “I hired Eike Consulting as a strategic technology consultant… that initial project turned into a decade-long engagement as my trusted partner, responsible for building and maintaining the technology and infrastructure powering PlayStation’s online marketing presence for the entire North America market.”

This client story explores our contributions to the PlayStation brand. Eike Consulting’s Strategic Rebuild

We provided strategic direction and spearheaded the complete rebuild of, ensuring it aligned with the dynamic demands of the gaming industry. With millions of monthly users, the site served as the primary online portal for PlayStation fans, offering information on games, hardware, and the company itself. Our comprehensive services included developing a robust Content Management System (CMS), integrating minisites, managing external content, implementing a consumer database, optimizing message boards, and conducting custom reporting and performance analysis.

Despite these advancements being achieved before the era of cloud services, we ensured that offered uncompromising unique experiences for each game title, maintaining efficiency for business users while delivering tailored experiences for avid gamers.

Empowering Business Users: Scaling for

Recognizing the need to keep up with the fast-paced gaming environment, we developed a custom CMS tailored to PlayStation’s specific needs, empowering SCEA’s business users to manage content independently. This system efficiently supported thousands of game titles, rich media assets, and minisites, ensuring a continuous stream of fresh and engaging content on Additionally, we ensured the scalability of the infrastructure to handle millions of daily page views, maintaining a seamless user experience and high uptime to meet the ever-growing demands of the PlayStation brand.

Exclusive Game Experiences for Triple-A Titles

Our innovative approach extended to crafting unique online experiences for PlayStation’s top-tier games, including titles such as Little Big Planet, SOCOM, and Warhawk. These dedicated destinations served as hubs for fans, offering the latest game information, events, mini-games, and more. Notably, the experience developed for Little Big Planet received the prestigious IAC Internet Ad Award.

Enhancing Mobile Gaming Experience for the PSP

In collaboration with design agencies, we developed Sony’s Official PlayStation Portable (PSP) site. Tailored for the PSP’s specialized internet browser, this site demonstrated our versatility in meeting diverse gaming platform needs. We implemented custom support, a content management system, scalable infrastructure, external content integration, and performance optimization, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for mobile PSP users.

Exclusive Access: PlayStation Press Center

We played a crucial role in conceiving, building, and managing the Sony PlayStation Press Center, a restricted platform tailored for esteemed analysts, editors, and media experts. This private hub was meticulously designed to empower SCEA business users with content control, game releases, announcements, and vital information, aligning with the strategic goals of SCEA’s Public Relations Department.

Bridging the Gap: Third Party Publishers

Our involvement extended to providing strategic and technical consulting support for Sony PlayStation Third-Party Relations. This includes overseeing concept evaluation, product approval, and the production-to-shipping process for third-party game publishers. Additionally, we offered data-driven services such as analysis, report development, and legacy data migration, all essential in streamlining processes and nurturing successful partnerships.

Reflecting on a Decade: Eike Consulting’s Playstation Journey

As we contemplate the past decade, we are honored to have had the opportunity to significantly influence the digital landscape of PlayStation. From strategically redeveloping to crafting tailored solutions for the PlayStation Portable, along with the creation of exclusive content portals, our work has extended across multiple facets of Sony’s gaming ecosystem.

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