About Eike

Since 1997, we have been in business anticipating and solving clients’ problems. Our dedication and professionalism have enabled us to forge long term relationships with our clients. Our work has been largely obtained by referrals and repeat business. Simply said, we focus on satisfying our clients’ needs.  This is the key to our success.
Who We Are

Who We Are

01 Our Identity

We are alums from Stanford University.

We are entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley.

We are a network of experienced digital leaders.

We are global with resources worldwide.

We are problem solvers who like bringing ideas to life.

02 Our Promise

We listen. It starts with discovery, your needs come first.

We deliver. On target, On Time and On Budget.

We evolve. Identify issues, address them and improve.

03 Our Drivers

We mobilize ideas.

We test assumptions.

We take actions.

We heed critics.

We iterate.

Why Eike

We get software development; it’s our core competency.

We have a rich client base from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

We have multi platform expertise, and we have experience not just for iOS and Android, but also web, infrastructure, and database, so we have the ability to meet your technical development needs.

We are the ideal size – small enough such that you will be a marquee customer of ours, but big enough to offer a set of skills and resources to meet your needs now and in the future.

We are not a “fancy” agency, but we do have lots of consumer experience and experience working with big brands and high end agencies.

Most of all because we are really really good at software.

Why Eike
Proven track record

Proven track record

A successful consulting practice since 1997 with a dedicated team that has jointly and repeatedly achieved success.

01 Successes

Our team has more than 20 years of successes together, building systems, applications, and experiences for the world’s biggest brands from Fortune 500 (Sony PlayStation, Google) to rockstars (Black Eyed Peas) to startups (ReaderBee, AlphaModa).

02 Recognitions

Our work has gained many industry recognitions and awards, including Apple Featured “Best New App”, Dr. Toy 10 Best Tech, Parents Choice Gold, IAC Internet Ad Award to Google featured Augmented Reality launch title.

USA, Silicon Valley Canada, Ottawa Pakistan Karachi Malaysia Penang

USA, Silicon Valley | Canada, Ottawa | Pakistan, Karachi | Malaysia, Penang

Our Team

Our core team is based in Silicon Valley. Having the core team locally is crucial to be able to understand, translate, and meet the business requirements and ‘tastes’ of our clients. On the other hand, we understand that cost is an important element of development budgets, as such we have offshore development teams in Canada, Pakistan, and Malaysia, allowing us to leverage the economies. Our approach with both onshore and offshore resources enables us to meet our clients’ needs and budgets.

In terms of experience, we have a large and diverse team with deep knowledge in not only development, architecture, but also creative, testing, and project management. We are proud to be able to say that our team has successfully delivered on every project that we have started. We have a rigorous interview process to select the best and we provide hands- on training to bring our people up to speed on technologies and methodologies and our principal consultants are from top-notched universities.

Our Methodology

Our Methodology

01 Process

We begin with a discovery process to determine business objectives and requirements, from which we create a strategic development plan, before designing the technical solutions. We build all projects from the business managers’ perspective and not what is technically feasible.

02 Agile

We subscribe to the Agile approach, where it is essential for business to see a working product, which adds value, at regular intervals.

03 Quality

We have a proven methodology that has been continually fine-tuned.  As such, we are able to ensure the quality of our work. As benchmark, the system built for PlayStation.com is entirely managed by the business users and serves over 1 billion page views a year with a 99.99% uptime.

Our Approach

Art of Innovation

We spend time upfront to discover requirements, design user experience and tech architecture, before jumping into development. We’ve seen organizations that believe Agile means that you can short shrift up front planning, but it always ends in tears. We value front planning with Continuous Integration, where development builds and tests are automatically kicked off when code is checked in. And when developers break a build, we are sure to shame them (just kidding!) We are also a big believer in user feedback early to validate assumptions and to improve through iterations.

Over 26 years, we have honed our approach and innovation has become an art. It is the Art of Innovation, a cycle of ideate, initiate, and iterate.

Art of Innovation