Your Vision

Your Vision

Vision without actions are simply ideas. We live your dream and bring it to life no matter, big, small or outlandish.
We were hired by Google to design and deliver a featured app for the launch of Project Tango (now ARCore) based on their vision for Augmented Reality.
With over 27 years experience bringing client visions to life, we have found that it starts with listening to you, fully absorbing your dream.
Your Venture

Your Venture

Each venture starts with the first step. We have honed our process and taken countless projects from simple ideas to award winning products.
Reader Bee
We took Reader Bee from a concept to winning 13 awards, including Parent’s Choice Award, Family Choice Award, Brain Child, and Dr. Toy’s
Our work has gained many industry recognitions and awards, including Apple Featured “Best New App”, Dr. Toy 10 Best Tech, Parents Choice Gold, IAC Internet Ad Award and Google featured Augmented Reality launch title.
Your Partner

Your Partner

The need before the implementation. We are focused on your success and strive to understand and align with the needs, before the technology.
We revamped web infrastructure to support millions of avid gamers, thousands of game titles, becoming a destination with billions of views.
We are pioneers in software and trusted by the world’s biggest brands from Fortune 500 (Sony, Google) to rockstars (Black Eyed Peas) to startups (ReaderBee, AlphaModa).

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